What sets GPS and our technical team apart?

  • 100% Successful Track Record
    • 10,000+ clients
    • 40,000 websites optimized
    • Zero refunds for not delivering guaranteed placement
  • No long-Term Contract
    • Unique in the industry
    • We want to earn your business, month after month
    • Over 80% of our clients upgrade within 12 months
  • Upfront and Published Pricing
    • Most firms charge what they think the client can pay
    • Variety of service levels available for any size business
    • No penalty for upgrades (only pay the difference)
  • Guaranteed Placement
    • Multiple listings on the 1st page of major search engines within 90 days
    • TRUE 100% money back guarantee

GPS specializes in online marketing that consistently drives 5-10 times the buyers to our client websites.  Our core team of technical experts has been together since 1998 and has optimized over 40,000 websites utilizing our unique, but proven, techniques.  Clients can permanently gain higher visibility and ranking among all search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing.  While we offer numerous services, our specialty is search engine optimization, both traditional and mobile. Customers benefit from much higher online visibility and website traffic for a fraction of the cost of paid advertising and the results are permanent.

If you are paying-per-click (PPC) daily, weekly, monthly  for your search engine traffic, there is an alternative that is a much more affordable and permanent solution to attracting the customers you want. For a site that sells Christmas baskets in November and December, PPC might be perfect; but if you are in business to generate revenue month after month, year after year, go with natural search engine placement and stop fighting with the sharks who are clicking your ad so it will expire and they can move up! You need a permanent solution that natural placement provides and that’s what we do better than anyone!

Ben Whitsett

Ben Whitsett


For nearly 30-years, Ben Whitsett has been helping build successful businesses that provide unique and valuable services to the customers they serve.  With a long history of innovative thinking and record setting sales, business development, marketing, management, operations and profitability, Ben takes great pride in growing business through hard work, dedication, careful planning, building relationships, providing outstanding customer service and value. Relying on his strong commitment to honesty, character, integrity, loyalty and professionalism has always served him well over the years, and that commitment will never change.

Prior to starting GPS, Ben helped launch and grow a company that helps large buildings reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint by 10-30% with no capital improvements. Not only did several of his clients achieve ENERGY STAR certification, but also won three EPA/ENERGY STAR National Building Competitions for the greatest improvement in energy efficiency.

Starting in 1996 Ben helped grow a 4-person local firm into a national leader in specialized state and federal tax recovery and reduction services for large corporations.  Before that Ben served in several sales, marketing and business development roles for 3 different organizations and was consistently the top producer.


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Todd McCally

Todd McCally

Director of SEO

Nearly two decades ago, before anyone had ever heard of Google, Todd was building search engines for websites like ESPN Outdoors.  When clients started asking Todd to help them get better placement on global search engines like Yahoo, AOL and a big up-and-comer called Google, things started really taking off.

Today, years after a few dozen clients turned into thousands, Todd has achieved 100% success in optimizing over 40,000 websites for clients nationwide. His proficiency in optimization led to his development of a proprietary search engine optimization software program for stand-alone client-based SEO/SEM businesses.